Friday, August 23, 2019 is an internet platform created by Leonard Chris and Team to send creative knowledge to global audience to nurture and activate the minds to become creative. This is a revolutionary platform.

According to Leonard Chris and Team: “We are all creators and the machine to create resides in us all – the mind. “Everyone’s mind is a gift and an asset to humanity that must be expressed to the fullest while we live.” “Unexpressed minds is colossal loss to humanity and as such, the person live in captivity only to perform duties of slave.” “The greatest evil of mankind is using our minds to shut other people’s minds – enslaving others.” “Nigeria/Africa is in dire need for transformation but it’s only the creative minds that can change the narrative.” “Building ‘heaven-like’ world for ourselves is possible, solely when we enabled our world for every human’ minds to functions.” “Slave ideology clouded our world for ages, where many people have lived and never put their minds to use because few used their minds to shut others’ mind.”

Leonard Chris and team welcome you to this platform, where your mind will be emancipated and activated to enable you build your desired world.