Why is Africa corrupt?
I’m African. The answer is simple. We are corrupt because we want to stay alive. In our present system we have two options. Corruption or death. After all, no matter how messy a problem seems to be, the only way to solve it, is to embrace it. Like the messy gold that must be accepted only to become a precious and valuable metal at the end.

Corruption is unanimous with surviving. When we only live to survive, it means we are not in control, not in charge and no ownership, but only to live by the mercy of others. We Africans are living by the mercy of other’ systems from different continents. Survivors would never have enough.

There are two ways to survive. To steal and to beg. Our politicians know this better. They begged citizens to put them in a position only to steal from them later. I’m not here to pick on our politicians neither to defend them, just a reference purpose.

What’s corruption?
Corruption is when you withhold what should be given to others. This simply means, stealing. A thief and a beggar have almost everything in common. Both do not have ownership but want to have it. Both always takeaway. All the systems we live by in our countries in Africa are foreign. We don’t even own the resources in our environment. For example; the oil in my country was not discovered, drilled, sold and bought by us. So we don’t owns it because we are not in control and as such, we can’t determine the price.

The answer to why we Africans are corrupt is obvious, we need corruption so that we can survive.

The question we should be asking now is, do we want to continue in our corruption? Obviously no! It is so much costly to maintain corruption. There’s nothing without a price. This our generation can’t afford it. This is why we chose the alternative. And to say no to corruption, is not by fighting it. After all, it’s not possible to win corruption by using a corrupt system to fight it. Our systems are absolutely corrupt.

See how we are ending corruption on our continent of Africa.

Since we have learnt that the root cause of corruption comes from ownership, we are going to absolutely take charge of our environment or continent. Where we can recognise what to take and add to our environment. When you’re in charged or become the owner, stealing and begging become obsolete. By now we should know that, we can live in an environment but not in charge of it or owns it. Just like we have been living in Africa yet Africa is control by foreigners.

To be in charge of your environment is to be charged of your mind. When you take control of your mind, you’ll simply recognise a specific problem in your environment that you’ll commit the rest of your life solving because you have identified yourself as a solution and everyone will soon accord you the ownership. This means, until we start solving Africa problems, Africans will not own Africa.

Though each time we are shown slaves, they are almost with chains on their legs or on another parts of their body. That is never a true picture of slaves. The reverse is the true picture of slaves. Most slaves never had a chain tied to them but move freely to enable them labour in their masters businesses or systems. But on the ground that their minds must be controlled by their masters. In fact, a slave with chains is a slave that is yet to surrender his mind to his master. As soon as he surrendered, his chain will be removed. So, we Africans have surrendered our minds to our masters as slaves and that’s why we are not in chains but we are labouring all the days of our lives in our continent in the systems or businesses that were set up by our masters.

One who is in control of his mind can never be a slave even with a thousand chains on his body.

If you captured slave’s mind, you don’t hold his body to chains, but leave it to profit you in your factory.

The call to end corruption in our continent of Africa in this our generation, is to teach the knowledge that’ll end slavery or slave ideologies or slave systems in our continent, so that Africans will be in charged of their minds. In order to put their minds into creativity to develop systems and create products and services, we can use in our countries in Africa and exchange with other continents. A developed country is a developed minds of her citizens.

We are aware that all the systems in our continent presently are all embedded with slave ideologies. From our economic, political, religious and educational system, so that those who live by these systems will be influenced by them.

In as much as we are not here to condemn our slave masters, we are not here to justify them either. But we must understand that those who give you problems are not always your enemies, because any problem you overcome will only make you the better you. But inability to overcome the challenge makes you to become enemy of yourself. The most powerful tool to solve problems is our minds. So let us take advantage of this huge problem in our continent and bring out the best of Africans we are.

Revolutionary Knowledge

Congratulations Africans!

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