I was growing up with so many questions in my mind. One of these questions is, when will the world leaders gather at the feet of the African leaders?

I was growing up seeing African leaders gathering at the feet of the Europeans, Americans and recently the Asians just by tapping of their fingers. I would love to see that happening in my country and continent, Africa. The question is, can my wish make it a reality? NO! So what will make a reality? For examples, China will dare not tap her fingers in the last half a century to gather our leaders. Just like my country can’t tap her fingers to call world leaders to gather at her feet now. Until date, some American countries can’t tap her fingers and our leaders will rush to her feet.

This is just a battle of value in a reality. When you have created enough values you’ll always attracts the value you may desire.

Making my wish a reality is equal to how much value I can add to my country and continent of Africa and how quick this values would be added.

When we place our world in a face of value, we can all agreed that, our world is fair. How much value you attract is equal to how much value you’re willing to create.

The biggest mistake I observed in my country and continent is that; we take creating values as equal to gathering values. The value you gathered has already been created by people and those who created the values are the people in control. Africans has gathered so much values but has created little or no values that guaranteed her independence and to be in control of her continent. This is why the continent has been ruled by outsiders for many centuries. If you’re an African reading this, you have automatically enter the challenge to create values rather than gathering values. This is the only sureway for Africans independence and development.

What is the tool to create value? The only tool to create values is our minds. You don’t use what you don’t have to create values but only what you are in charge of. The goodnews is that we all have the tools called the mind to create any amount of value we desire.

Least I forget. How do you identify the different between ‘a value gatherer and a value creator’? Look at Africa, then you’ll identify it clearly. We gathered every Sundays in churches or every Friday in mosques in ‘systems or values’ created by who? And see how many of us working on these systems only to gather values but not to create ‘system or values’. Irrespective of how much profit we think we are generating, it’s still values gathering. Look at our political system or value, created by who? You know the answer better. What of our education system? We go to work everyday with transport system created by who? The list is endless. We live, earn and die in systems of foreigners in our home countries. The job you do everyday, ask yourself, where is the end-system coming from and to where?

When we are too lazy to put our minds to use, we’ll be too strong to labour and struggle.

Our platform is to change all that by our powerful tools, the MIND. We are Creative Minds Africa that is creating new systems to override our old slave systems. We have compiled revolutionary knowledge to this effect for a successful revolution. Soon, so many systems will be created and control by Africans. Check out this knowledge at afrikhub.com for your personal conviction and to active your creative mind.

Congrats Africans!


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